1. >The_Three_reloaded<… Abandoned map(s) that i gave up on… based as a remake to maps I originally made for the ThinkingWithPortals October 10 mapping competition (also unfinished)

    The Mappack divided into Three parts all of which has a unique theme. First door (third image… aka the Hub Area) went to bts areas and puzzles in the underground (old Aperture).

    The Second and Third Doors where meant to go overgrown areas of Aperture & Wheatley’s Destroyed Aperture with Bts areas

    Ended up completing 4 maps… 3 bts and 1 unfinished Puzzle for the (Old Aperture)

    After that i got sick of Portal…

    Disclaimer stuff:

    Images are in no particular Order… Nor represents my quality of work… images doesn’t show everything…. (Did this in 2011)

    Might come back to this later….

    Just uploading this as i don’t didn’t map for Fall Up this weekend :(

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